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Who We Are

The new normal

Precise & timebound engagements

The advisory industry is largely modeled to benefit from a dependent client, not an autonomous one. The drive for higher utilization and billables inherently conflicts with the client expectation for expeditious engagement closure. However, client appetite for long-drawn engagements, resource padding, and inflexible advisory contracts has significantly diminished. Instead, advisory engagements are expected to be well defined and time boxed.

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Tailored consulting

To fulfill your specific needs

HEX IndexTM enables stakeholders to autonomously manage IT and Business Process operations, contracts, and spend in line with market leading tenets. We augment our platform with senior advisory strategy and execution support on demand ONLY if, as, and when you need it. We will be the first to tell you if you don’t!

Each of our senior practitioners averaging 20+ years in the IT-BPS industry can either manage end to-end programs OR help you with pointed solutions for pointed asks i.e., key interventions such as program initiation, business-case creation, board buy-in, RFP validation, bid reviews, procedural bottlenecks, contractual roadblocks, or securing elusive negotiation milestones.

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