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advisory industry is largely modeled to benefit from a dependent client, not an autonomous one. HEX disrupts that.

advisory industry is largely modeled to benefit from a dependent client, not an autonomous one. HEX disrupts that.



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Who we are



The advisory industry is largely modeled to benefit from a dependent client, not an autonomous one. The drive for higher billables and consultant utilization inherently conflicts with the client expectation for expeditious engagement closure. However, client appetite for long-drawn engagements, resource padding, and inflexible advisory contracts has significantly diminished in the post-pandemic world. Instead, advisory engagements are expected to be well defined, time boxed, and outcomes oriented.

HEX Advisory Group, “HEX”, draws its ethos from the Hexagon—the most efficient and resilient shape in the universe. HEX takes pride in transforming its clients’ IT & Business operations, costs, contracts, and vendor portfolio to an autonomous and optimized end-state via a disruptive “Consulting as a Product” model.

Essentially, clients pay for two key components when they sign on any advisory firm—hands-on consultant experience to navigate the people and processes involved in any transformation program AND reliable data intelligence (benchmarks, insights, best practices, playbooks, templates etc.). HEX provides its clients the option of signing up our senior practitioners for end-to-end program execution OR of augmenting its own resources with our platform-based consulting model i.e., all the exhaustive and contemporary IT-BPS advisory data intelligence is offered as a productized platform, HEX IndexTM that clients can embed into their CIO, CFO, Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Procurement functions and self-govern to a large degree. However, if any advisory intervention or hands-on support is required for any activity, phase, or decision point in the said initiative then the same can be commissioned on an on-demand basis—thereby avoiding the need for large discretionary consulting budgets especially in recessionary markets or in cost-sensitive mandates.

HEX IndexTM delivers the most definitive source of IT and Business Process intelligence, benchmark metrics, market-leading technology solutions, contractual positions, industry trends, and practical insights as a plug and play product platform—it’s the only tool you will ever need to be plugged into the present continuous of the evolving IT-BPO sourcing landscape.

We augment our platform with senior advisory strategy and execution support on demand—ONLY if, as, and when you need it. Each of our senior practitioner averages 20+ years in the IT-BPS industry and can either manage end-to-end programs OR help you with point solutions for pointed asks i.e., key interventions such as program initiation, business-case creation, board buy-in, RFP validation, bid reviews, procedural bottlenecks, contractual roadblocks, or securing elusive negotiation positions.

We are NOT drawn by client logos or budgets but by the desire to build client advocacy and long-lasting trust. We remain eternally thankful to our clients, alliances, advocates, and investors AND welcome those who are yet to experience a contemporary way of engaging senior advisors.

If not now, then when!

Sarthak Brahma
CEO and Managing Partner


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